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Our History

Online marketing presents an incredible opportunity in today’s modern world. Most companies have responded to that opportunity with a website, however the experience tends to be on e of disappointment and stagnation. Its safe to say that most of these websites fail to make a significant impact when it comes to profits.

The one consistent complaint we hear over and over from people is that their website is failing to deliver the expected returns. Some companies had spent thousands of dollars, and all that they achieved was nothing more than an online brochure.

The Internet is still relatively new, but it’s the way the business world works now.

93% of Kiwis researching their purchases online,
modern businesses Simply cant afford to ignore the digital world.

The internet is in constant development. The rules are changing, and the posts are moving week by week, which means that you need someone who knows how to play the game.

That’s why we started Online Results.

We are experts when it comes to the digital world and how it can help your business grow. Our expert team specialise in using the Internet to its full potential, and getting the results you require from your website.

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